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Industry services


Epitopos offers analytical services for the industry:

♦ elementary chemical analyzes (ICP-AES, X-ray fluorescence, LIBS...)
♦ mineralogical and petrological analyzes (X-ray diffraction...)
♦ slates analysis...


More than analytical solutions, Epitopos proposes to find anlytic solutions for your problems by:

♦ on-site expertise
♦ understanding of difficult problems
♦ adapted solutions

Epitopos is your scientific partner for your analytical solutions ....



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Epitopos offers analytical services for the industry.

The analysis are mainly mineral, and are initially aimed for the mining industry.

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Any type of industry can get our expertise: from industries which use mineral elements as raw material to industries which need chemical analysis. Following industries could be concerned:

♦ mining operation
♦ glass industry
♦ automobile industry
♦ recycling industry...