Fabrice SURMA
Founder of the company, Fabrice holds a doctorate in geology. He has been responsible for 9 years of the sustainable materials and heritage department at CRITT Matériaux Alsace. He is chairman of the stone and sustainability commission of CEFRACORFormation too.

Experts at the service of material analysis


     EPITOPOS was created in 2011 to dedicate its scientific expertise to heritage materials by creating a link between restorers and scientists through its multidisciplinary team. EPITOPOS also provides services for expertises (construction, mineral materials …) and for industries (slate analyzes, mineralogical studies, ICP, etc.).

     EPITOPOS collaborates with CETIM Grand-Est, a technical center and with MESCLA, an engineering office in order to respond to many issues. All analyzes are realized according to the standards currently in force in CETIM laboratories under our responsibility. In addition, EPITOPOS has its own laboratory section for optical microscopy, scientific photography and on-site analysis: laser technology (LIBS), infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and thermal camera.


    Our field of expertise concerns mainly materials stones / bricks / concretes, coatings / mortars / cements and paintings (mineral or organic).
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Technical business manager, Luc takes charge of the sample for analysis. Senior technician, specialized in heritage materials for nearly 10 years, Luc uses his analytical knowledge at the service of LIBS technology in particular.
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Geophysical engineer graduated from the Strasbourg School and Observatory of Earth Sciences, Perrine is in charge of the R&D pole in rock physics and participates in the improvement of LIBS technology. She uses her knowledge in geology and programming at the service of heritage.

 From analysis to advices, Epitopos is a scientific partner able to:

♦ help you in studies prior to the restoration / renovation (assistance with project management, additional studies, mapping of disorders, evaluation and implementation of intervention protocols, checks)
♦ provide you a scientific and technical support (technological documentations, legal expertises)
♦ answer scientific questions about heritage works and materials
♦ accurately characterize the materials
♦ promote heritage (publications, conferences, demonstrations)


 A whole team at your service

which travels everywhere you need ...

Heritage Manager and co-founder of Epitopos, Emilie is a restorer with a diploma in painting (INP) and trained in pictural analysis. She has five years of experience as a contractor in the painting department of LRMH.