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Analysis for cultural heritage

Epitopos takes into consideration issues specific to cultural heritage materials.

Our analytical support addresses the following issues:


  •      ♦ Preventive conservation
  •      ♦ Technology documentation
  •      ♦ Legal expertise


  •      ♦ Assistance to architects, restaurer
  •      ♦ Preliminary or complementary studies (stratigraphic, mineralogical analysis ..)
  •      ♦ Characterization of alterations (moisture monitoring, soluble salts analysis ...)
  •      ♦ Design, evaluation and implementation of restauration protocols
  •      ♦ Controls

Cultural Heritage promotion

  •      ♦ Publications
  •      ♦ Conferences
  •      ♦ Demonstrations


Studied Materials

Stones, pictorial layers, mortars and plasters mainly and any material from historical monuments, taken from a work of art or from a museum ...

We put our instrumentation and our expertise at your service ...


Epitopos is specialised in the study of cultural heritage materials (stone, mortar, paintings ...), and has strong skills in material analysis on field using innovative technologies: LIBS, infrared thermography, heat and wireless humidity sensors ...

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Research and Development
Epitopos develop projects in the cultural heritage domain and in the restoration of pictorial layers, art works, monument stones... Some current studies:
♦ Development of in situ analytical methods  (LIBS, Infrared thermography)
♦ Blue pigments study by LIBS
♦ Study of lithium silicate depth penetration using LIBS (see our poster)