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Services for expertise

Our scientific expertise is based on innovative tools and on solid  building materials skills. Epitopos can provide you an analytical and scientific support in different fields:

Building expertises (References : Hôtel le "Crillon", L'Aubette in Strasbourg, The Ponts Couverts in Strasbourg ...)

         ♦ Long-term temperature monitoring (wide variety of sensors available)
         ♦ Thermal diagnosis to find water sources (thermal camera)
         ♦ Humidity mapping (moisture measuring instrument, water content analysis)
         ♦ Identifications of salts, efflorescences, biological organisms ...

Mineral material expertises : stones, mortars, bricks, concrete, old paintings ... (References: Château de Vincennes, Karma Ling Institut, Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Judicial City of Senlis...)

         ♦ Characterization of the composition (mineralogy, grain sizes, cement / binder content, porosity, resistance, etc.)
         ♦ Characterization of alterations (salts, efflorescence, biological organisms, stains) and pollutant detections (hydrocarbons, glyphosates...)

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Synthetic material expertises : industrial or sport coatings, waterproofing fabrics, polystyrene, recent paints ... (Reference: Belfort covered market, Bergheim fountain...)

         ♦ Characterization of the composition (infrared, microscopic and laser analyzes)
         ♦ Characterization of alterations (stains, biological organisms, flakings, resistance problem, etc.)


Epitopos is a scientific partner regularly appointed sapitor by the courts of Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar.

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Research and Development for expertise

      Epitopos works on scientific developments in order to respond to the problems encountered on buildings and mineral or synthetic materials.
        Here are some topics under study:
♦ Development of in situ analytical techniques for mineral and organic paints analysis (laser, infrared spectroscopy)
♦ Laser tracing (LIBS) of chemical elements that are difficult to detect with conventional analysis methods (lithium, low concentration of chromium or titanium...).
♦ Analysis of efflorescences on site (infrared spectroscopy)
       Epitopos also participates in conferences, publications and demonstrations.