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Our Partners

MESCLA supports restoration players in their work of managing and transmitting culture heritage. MESCLA provides expert advices and the performance of a strong project management. With 23 years of professional experience, the company is based on 3 pillars:
♦ Technical expertises to confirm the feasibility and sustainability of the proposed solutions
♦ Project experiences to ensure economic viability and respect deadlines
♦ The passion to guarantee respect for the buildings, its preservation and its enhancement
Thanks to this technical and institutional knowledge of the restoration and rehabilitation, MESCLA assists architects, owners of heritage buildings, laboratories and heritage companies.
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Epitopos is supported by SEMIA, an Alsatian incubator for innovative projects. Since the birth of a project, through the company creation and its development, SEMIA supports EPITOPOS and opens the doors to innovation in Alsace.


Grand Est region
Epitopos is supported by the Grand Est region. The company benefited from an innovation aid concerning a scientific development project for on-site analysis dedicated to culture heritage. As part of its on-site diagnostic activity, Epitopos designs an analytical system dedicated to pigments analysis (vermilion, ocher, etc.) during studies prior to the restoration.
Epitopos supports Géocoop, the first cooperative of geologists in Quebec. For more information, visit the Géocoop website.
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CETIM Grand Est 
Epitopos stems from the CRITT Matériaux Alsace  which became CETIM Grand Est in 2018. CETIM Grand Est supports EPITOPOS and is the reference laboratory for all lab analyzes.
With its experience, Epitopos can trust his partner and find solutions to company problems whatever their sector of activity.
HEC programme Challenge +
Member of the Challenge + de HEC, Epitopos took part in the economic development program for HEC start-ups. Within the entrepreneurship center of HEC, EPITOPOS has acquired all the financial and strategic tools in economic development of an innovative start-up.
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