Fabrice SURMA
Founder and manager of the company, Fabrice holds a doctorate in geology from Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg (2003). After having been responsible for 9 years of the sustainable materials and heritage department at CRITT Matériaux Alsace, he created Epitopos.
Chairman of the stone and sustainability commission of CEFRACORFormation, HEC Challenge +, class of 2012-2.


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LIBS plasma


Polychromes of the Cathedral of Strasbourg


Technical business manager, Luc takes charge of the sample for analysis. Senior technician, specialized in heritage materials for nearly 10 years, Luc uses his analytical knowledge at the service of LIBS technology in particular.
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LIBS on site

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Mural disorders


LIBS system


Pictural layes of the Collegial of Thann

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Geophysical engineer graduated from the Strasbourg School and Observatory of Earth Sciences, Perrine is in charge of the R&D pole in rock physics and participates in the improvement of LIBS technology. She uses her knowledge in geology and programming at the service of heritage.

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Climatic monitoring - Val de Grâce cloister

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Stones diagnosis - Strasbourg Cathedral

Emilie versailles

Heritage Manager.

Co-founder of Epitopos, Emilie is a restorer with a diploma in painting (INP) and trained in pictural analysis. She has five years of experience as a contractor in the painting department of LRMH on case studies and study projects.